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The New Ruggeduino-SE "Special Edition" in Stock



Thank you Rugged Customers!


The new Ruggeduio-SE and ET have been selling out as soon as they hit our online store.  The demand has been greater than anticipated from our fantastic customer base.  Thank you all!  Rugged Circuits products are not mass produced with cheap components.  Alternatively we provide our customers with American crafted products constructed with high quality components.  Rugged Circuits products are great for more demanding projects for the serious elite.   After all, who can afford the cheap alternative if it's going to fail when your name is on the line or when you need it most.  Our customers tend to agree! 

Please keep a close eye our inventory as we are updating it regularly to reflect incoming stock.  Again thank you to all of our GREAT CUSTOMERS!





Many schools, colleges, and universities across the country are integrating the Ruggeduino, Rugged Motor Driver, and Rugged Circuits products into course curriculum.  Our innovative protective circuitry is ideal for students who are more prone to accidentally damaging hardware.  Protected hardware positively impacts the learning experience and fosters more confident exploration and lesson retention.  It also reduces the headache of equipment failure-no returns, downtime and reordering.  A win-win for students and educators.

We also provide custom kitting solutions to meet your curriculum needs.  We can provide and package accessories and components for each individual student.

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Rugged Circuits is looking for qualified professionals to review the new Ruggeduino-SE and ET.  Please contact us for details.

We like to hear from our customers.  If you would like to summit a product testimonial to be featured on our website please contact sales@ruggedcircuits.com.