It's Finally Here…The New Vastly Improved RUGGEDUINO-SE "Special Edition" and RUGGEDUINO-ET "Extended Temperature"



The Ruggeduino-SE and ET improve upon the tried and true Ruggeduino platform and offer even greater industrial-like strength.  Operating voltage range has been widened, current output has been increased, and operating temperatures have been extended.  Reliability has also been improved with the use of high quality components and improved manufacturing processes.  The new Ruggeduino-SE is for critical applications where "cheap" and "unprotected" just doesn't cut it.


Key Ruggeduino-SE and ET Features


*Operation up to 30V! while still providing a full 5V output at 500mA to shields.  Other micro controller boards supply less and less current as voltage increases.

*Operation all the way down to 3.5V while still maintaining 5V output to shields. This allows the Ruggeduino-SE to operate off battery packs.

*Greater protective safeguards built into the circuitry.  

*Commercial USB chip.

*Extended temperature operaton.



Arduino vs Ruggeduino Features